Get your stitch out for the lads: Beginner sewing for Men

When I decided to learn to sew last summer, all I had to do was search the sewing hashtag on IG, and before I knew it I had fallen down the rabbit hole of amazing sewing content available across various forms of social media. Interestingly, as my own sewing-related posts have increased, I have receivedContinue reading “Get your stitch out for the lads: Beginner sewing for Men”

Sewing my Birthday Heather Blazer

It’s my first blog post – and what better way to get going than with a review of my experience making my birthday blazer – the Friday Pattern Company Heather. I had been eyeing up this pattern for a while , and had seen so many beautiful Heathers on IG, but took a little whileContinue reading “Sewing my Birthday Heather Blazer”